Premium Nutrition Coaching

Are you looking for a complete comprehensive fitness and nutrition coaching service for weight loss and weight management.

Did you know that the key to a successful weight management program lies in two things: one is your adherence with the program and the other is the program design itself based on your needs and requirement. 

Consider the 5-Month Premium Nutrition Coaching Program by DIET WITH K.


This is our premium short term online nutrition (monthly) consultation service. To maintain the quality of coaching, we only take up a limited number of people for this service.

To avail this service first fill out the application form: CLICK HERE

If your application is accepted, you will receive a conformation through email/SMS and the payment details. Complete payment and you're ready to go.  

The 5-month nutrition program includes:

  • Initial Assessment (including current nutrition intake, anthropometric measurements, etc.) through an application.
  • Initial Consultation to assess goals, time frame, actionable steps, etc. (usually through a audio/video communication medium, lasts roughly 60 minutes)
  • Weekly follow-ups where you send in your data (nutrition data, body weight, etc.) through email or excel sheet. 
  • On-going Consultations, once every 2 – 4 weeks till program ends. 
  • Progress tracking and making adjustments as and when necessary.
  • Nutrition plan, Supplement recommendations, Hydration, Calories and Macro recommendations. 

From our past experience we have noticed that most (but not all) people respond better to tracking food intake as opposed to following a laid out nutrition plan. 

All communication is done through email, except the Consultations, which is scheduled once every 2 – 4 weeks.

Best Suited For: 

  • Men and Women aged 21 years and above 
  • Goals such as Weight Loss, Body Fat Reduction, Body Re-composition (build muscle lose fat), Muscle Gain, Balanced Diet, Improvement in Health & Lifestyle Related Nutritional Changes

Consultation format Audio or Video and appointment is fixed based on mutual agreement within the available time slots. 

To summarise:

Step 1: Fill up the application form (linked above)

Step 2: If application is accepted, complete fee payment

Step 3: Schedule your initial consultation

Step 4: Embrace the change 


P.S: If this is your first time with us, the One Time Nutrition Consultation would be a great starting point before jumping into a monthly nutrition coaching program. 

In case you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us at or

Note: If you have a diagnosed (or unknown) medical issue we recommend consulting with a professional doctor before employing our services. In such a case consider the One Time Nutrition Consultation. Nutritionist Keshav Kumar is not a medical doctor and does not offer medical advise. Filling the application form, payment of fee, hiring us, etc. does not guarantee individual results. Results vary based on health status, time frame, compliance, adaptability, genetics, motivation, etc. 

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All services offered are non refundable.